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Silicon Photonics -- Design Kit License Agreements (DKLA)

SiPhotonics technologies offered through the EUROPRACTICE IC MPW service are aimed at creating, characterizing and evaluating test structures prior to further specific development and production projects.

To get access to technology information, please sign and return in PDF format to
sign in 2 copies and return to:
Attn : Wendy Fannes
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven


Two DKLAs apply to SiPhotonics, depending on the technology:

Design Kits

The precise design kit contents, the DKLAs give access to, are technology dependent.

Note that EUROPRACTICE offers access to MPW services for non-commercial use by universities and research centers. For commercial use, the institute or company can be served through Europractice but aproval from the foundry is required. In this case, EUROPRACTICE will bring you in direct contact with the foundry.

Our former download platform MTC-Online has been replaced by Querio, a new user-friendly download platform where customers can download the EUROPRACTICE technology files.
Upon receipt of your signed DKLAs, imec will create an account on this new platform and will open download access for the technical contact.
The technical contact is responsible for the proper management of the documents after they are downloaded therefore this contact should be a permanent staff member. Please contact in case of any questions.



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