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GaN-IC Technology Access and Design Registration

In order to participate in our MPW runs and to get access to the design kit PDK for this technology, a few steps are required:


1. Sign and return the DKLA

Please sign the appropriate GaN-IC Design Kit License Agreement

After completing and signing the DKLA please send it by email or 2 paper copies to:

Upon receipt and processing of your signed DKLAs, imec will create an account on the QUERIO platform and will open download access to the technical content (PDK).

The technical contact is responsible for the proper management of the documents after they are downloaded, therefore this contact should be a permanent staff member. Please contact in case of any question.


2. Register your design

The official online submission/registration service will require the full completion of step 1. Here, you will receive a different account user-name and password to register your design and reserve a space in the run.

Please go the following Europractice link and then click on START:


3. Submit your design


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