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Prototyping -- Design Registration

EUROPRACTICE has an on-line design submission/registration service via the World Wide Web. In order to perform a design registration via the WWW, one needs an user ID and password. !

If you just want to check out, how this WWW based design registration works, you can use the user ID 'DEMO' (ALL UPPERCASE) and give the password 'DEMO' (ALL UPPERCASE) when requested. Please note that the case of the characters in both your user ID and your password, is significant. When you use the DEMO account for performing a design registration, nothing will be written to the database, so you can safely try out all options.

Performing a design registration via WWW has several advantages, since the WWW server is coupled to an SQL server, via which the EUROPRACTICE database is stored.

If you want to start using this service go right ahead and start the on-line-registration.

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